Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Done with Student Debt! Q1 Recap and Networth Update

I'm done with my student loan! It's all thanks to the juicy tax return I received. Originally I did not plan to use the whole tax return towards debt repayment. The plan was to use some of the money for investments and savings, but I could not help it when I actually got the tax refund. Now I officially owe the government nothing, hooray!

I have been eating out quite a bit lately in celebration, but rest assured that I will not fall victim to lifestyle inflations - at least not too much.

March 2014
TFSA (td)1635
TFSA (questrade)7317
Student Debt0
I don't include my bank account and credit card balances because they fluctuate, so I don't like them as indicators of my net worth. I don't carry a credit card balance.

TimeStudent Debt Owed
Apr, 2013$46422
May, 2013$33422
Jun, 2013$33202
Jul, 2013$31555
Aug, 2013$26507
Sep, 2013$16100
Oct, 2013$14762
Nov, 2013$9968
Dec, 2013$8710
Jan, 2014$7550
Feb, 2014$6226
Mar, 2014$0

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